Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Christmas list

I have a longer-than-usual Christmas list this year. Normally it is pretty short - two or three things max. This year I'm going for gold in a figurative sense only. And everything on here is reasonably priced but things I've wanted and made note of through the year.

1. A Swiss Army knife. I'm always needing to cut or slice or pry or tweeze something when we're out and about. It's about time I got one of these. It doesn't need to be fancy. Priorities are a knife blade, scissors and tweezers. (A corkscrew wouldn't hurt either.)

2. A squirrel-resistant bird feeder. I already have a finch feeder. I would like one of the larger feeders that can accommodate cardinals but shuts down when a squirrel tries to steal the seed. I have so much fun watching the birds through the winter but I want to attract more than finches and sparrows.

3. The cookbook More With Less. This cookbook is only available (I believe) through Ten Thousand Villages stores. I have the second book Extending the Table but I'd really like the first one that was published.

4. Gift certificate for pre-natal yoga at Queen St. Yoga in Kitchener. In that past I've just gone to classes and paid for it but money is tighter this year and so I haven't gone yet and it's unlikely I will go unless I some generous soul gifts me some classes. I loved prenatal yoga when I was pregnant with Emily. I'd love to do it again. (Come to think of it, I didn't go when I was pregnant with Hope. I did a self-serve yoga at home. In that case, even a yoga mat - have no idea where mine is - and a pre-natal yoga DVD would be perfect. I have a title in mind even.)

5. Photoshop. I've been without Photoshop since my hard drive died last year and would triple love to get it again. Or Aperture. Either one would make me very happy. (And I don't need the big expensive version... just something basic and pared down that would allow me to do some modifications and playing around.)

That's it. Notice I didn't even put a camera on the list even though I complain about my piece of junk camera all the time? I'm saving that for a year when I only ask for one thing and it's gonna be good.

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little b said...

What I have for you is not on your list. But I think you're going to like it anyway.