Saturday, November 14, 2009

What I did on a beautiful day

I know that a day like today confirms climate change (if anyone really required confirmation anymore) but I really enjoyed this weather. It was so warm that I didn't need a jacket or even a sweater. We planted tulips and daffodils (nothing like waiting until the last minute). We played outside. The girls rode their bikes through the cemetery (our favourite bike-riding spot). We generally soaked up the weather because it could be the last time we see it for several months (although not likely because tomorrow is supposed to be 12 degrees and the forecast says it will be nice all week, which only makes me more worried about the state of the planet but for now I'll just enjoy the weather and try to sleep at night).

It is very hard to think about Christmas approaching when the weather is like this but it is in fact only six weeks away. Six weeks! I have a lot of sewing to do between now and then... not to mention some shopping. Yikes! And I want to participate in Andrea's 25 days of Christmas. I have some planning and organizing to do. So hard when it feels like I should be gardening or thinking about summer vacation.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully make a tiny bit of headway when I go to the Waterloo Potters' Workshop Sale. I've only been once before but it was amazing. It is very hard to choose what to buy (and what not to buy). I hope to cross some gifts off the Christmas shopping list. At least one or two anyway.

How did you spend today?


little b said...

We had an uneventful day. Graeme had work commitments and K and I took the dog for a walk then met friends for lunch. Then a trip to the park after nap.

Thanks for the link to the 25 days of Christmas. I was wanting to do it, and hadn't gotten around to finding the link.

Shan said...

Pretty uneventful day here too. Mike was working at the farm and the girls and I just hung out here. Your day sounds better.

Looking forward to the 25 days of Christmas.