Friday, November 13, 2009

Family movie night a bust

We had planned to have a family movie night tonight. We decided to watch a favourite movie, Elf. That movies makes me laugh so hard. John, too. And last year, Emily as well.

I should have seen the signs that things weren't going to work out tonight. First, we went swimming this morning and the kids have been dragging ever since. Second, there was little enthusiasm for our choice. Third, Hope laid down, face first, on my lap right after the movie started and Emily had covered her ears with pillows.

After about 10 minutes, right when things were getting good in the movie, Emily declared, teary-eyed, that she didn't want to watch this movie. Hope agreed. And that's when John and I ended movie night for tonight and promised to try again soon another night when the kids weren't so tired, I wasn't so irritated with them after a good but long week, and after we'd gone to the video store to choose something they would we all like.

These things don't always work out. At least now John and I can watch whatever we want. It might even be the rest of Elf!

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