Thursday, November 12, 2009

Up to her elbow

Hope is in a bad habit of waking up every night in the middle of the night and getting me out of bed. Often it is because she's had a bad dream or just a dream she wants to tell me about. She always needs to pee after I get up there. We tried every trick we can think of to get her to go to the bathroom by herself but none of them has worked so far.

To make it more annoying, John and I sleep on the main floor; the girls' rooms are upstairs.

Last night she woke up and called me up because her arm was hurting she said. I think she'd been sleeping on it for a long time and didn't have any feeling left in it. I took her to the bathroom, put her back to bed and went downstairs and climbed back into my own lovely warm bed.

Five minutes later, just as I was falling back to sleep she called me again.

Me (from bottom of stairs): What's the matter, Hope?
Hope: I just can't stop picking my nose, Mummy!

And this is what I am dragged out of bed for at 3:00 am. Parenthood is so glamorous.


little b said...


Pam said...

your girl is pure class! Cee still wakes me at night...dreams, strange requests, etc but at least we are right next door.

Shan said...

Well we are all upstairs, but the bathroom is downstairs. When Abby was old enough we left a potty in her bedroom, then just emptied it out in the morning. It made life much easier. We've done the same for Maya. Was just something that worked for us.

I'd like to add though, it was only in the last month or so that Abby hasn't felt it necessary to wake me up to accompany her downstairs to the bathroom. And she's 7 years old.