Wednesday, November 11, 2009

That time of the night

I've hit the wall. It happened around 7:05 pm. Curiously right when I put my hands into the sink of dirty dishes.

It happens every day at some point. I don't know if it is the mystery illness or the pregnancy. I'm leaning towards the pregnancy since I never get a chance to nap in the afternoons and that is usually key to feeling at least a bit more rested during the first trimester.

No matter. We had a busy day today. A play date with a cousin, whisking Hope off to preschool, planting all the garlic (and there was A LOT. I think I had 12 heads of garlic.... maybe more and you plant each clove separately. That could give me lots and lots and lots of garlic. Not complaining!), walking to preschool with Emily to get Hope, taking Emily to swimming lessons. The only thing in there that was even a little bit physically taxing was planting garlic (and I loved doing it). And yet, I'm exhausted.

I did get through the dishes. I had planned to sew tonight. I'm not sure now if that will happen. It might be near impossible to peel my butt off this chair.

Oh right, and Emily wants me to tell you all that we played games today while Hope was at preschool.

I think my exhaustion is showing because this is becoming a post of gobbly-gook. See what you get during NaBloPoMo?

Quality. Pure quality.

Edit: I actually did something! I sewed two things I cannot mention here due to family lurking about who will be on the receiving end of such things but still... I got off my chair and now it is 8:21 and I can go to bed!


Julie said...

yeah you!

little b said...

for me? for me? I suppose I'm not actually lurking though.