Thursday, November 05, 2009

A much needed night out

Tonight I am meeting with my book club. My book club is the best book club in the world because it consists of three people: me and two good friends who live in Waterloo/Kitchener. We started this up 8 years ago when I last lived here and we've started it up again. It's the best in the world because:
  • we only choose books available in the library or the remainder section at the bookstore
  • we eat great food and drink great drinks; each person brings either a savory, a dessert, or a drink
  • the food has to relate somehow to the book; sometimes the relationship is extremely remote
  • we often don't talk about the book until the very end but we do eventually talk about it.
  • there is no set schedule for meetings; we meet when we're all finished the book
I am so, so, so happy to be meeting tonight. After almost a week of being housebound due to a child being unable to leave the couch because of the flu that must not be named (thanks Lynn for adding a bit of humour to all this!) and being a single parent during that week and being 10 weeks pregnant, I need a night out more than just about anything else right now (although a day at the spa and a million dollars would be fine too).

And then tomorrow we're off for a what ought to be a wonderful weekend in Toronto that will include the Ontario Science Centre and (hooray!) a visit to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. I love the Royal Winter Fair! Great memories of my first taste of beer nuts and the smell of horses and cold weather. Lovely!

As for the stroller, well, I have no chance to win at this point but thanks for all who voted for me. I'll make do with second-hand. Shiny and new is nice but they would both get me and baby #3 from point A to point B in just the same way.

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Shan said...

Sounds like a fun night out and you certainly deserve it!