Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goodbye old lady

The fridge at our house in Ottawa is as old as the house itself: circa 1988. When we moved into the house the fridge leaked onto the floor continuously. The previous owners in their clear handy prowess had a tea towel stuffed under the veggie drawer to soak up the liquid.

I was determined to save the fridge so I went to the most reliable source of fridge repair information: the Internet.

My friend the Internet said we should flush the hose at the back. My previously-not-handy husband took care of it in minutes. The fridge worked perfectly after that.

Until just before Christmas this year, that is.

Our tenants told us the fridge was leaking. They flushed the hose and it bought us a few weeks. This week the leaking started again and it seems to be finding any fridge orifice it can to make its way onto our sensitive cork floor.

Our awesome tenant tried a few ideas to nurse our senior appliance back from the brink but despite all efforts, she cannot be saved.

And so I'll be going fridge shopping very soon and spending money we were hoping to keep from our tax return but these things can't be helped when you have 20 year old appliances in your house.

At least we'll be going back to Ottawa to a shiny new appliance (fit for a family of five if my bargaining skills are good enough to get me a good price on something bigger).

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Julie said...

i live in fear of an appliance breaking down.

meanie said...

make sure to take advantage of all those rebates/enerstar incentives they have going on now!