Friday, January 22, 2010

The week at a glance

I only have a few minutes before the kids come tumbling down the stairs asking to watch a show (which requires me to give up my computer given we don't have a t.v.). I've been conspicuously silent this week although I have a number of posts circling in my mind. You probably see where this is headed: the dreaded bullet post.

Maybe a short paragraph post instead.


And this is all I had written before I was pulled away from the computer yet again for God knows what reason. And now it is two days later and it has been over a week since I last posted. I'm not really complaining per se. That is the reality of parenthood and we all know it. To be more specific, that is the reality of parenthood WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE A T.V. TO DISTRACT YOUR KIDS WHILE YOU BLOG.

So, here is the week that just went by.... at a glance:

- spent Sunday night at Omi's in St. Catharines. John and I had a date night. Saw Avatar. Possibly the coolest movie I HAVE EVER SEEN and that even includes Lucas.

- had 20 week ultrasound on Monday. This baby likes to shake it, shake it. Everything seemed okay to my untrained eyes and the technician gave me no reason to think otherwise although her kind is very good at being stonefaced and unreadable.

- got notice on Tuesday that Emily's Sparks troup will be going skating in two weeks. I'm slightly concerned as Emily has never skated on anything but bob skates and we all know those don't come close to resembling real skates. And so, I am wasting way too much time thinking about how to get her new-to-her skates sharpened when the line-ups for sharpening seem to all be at least 30 minutes and I never have that much time available to stand in line. And also thinking way too much about the high probability that my child will come back from the night in question missing teeth and with multiple lacerations and scarred for life in regards to skating. And yes, I plan to get her on the ice before the night in question but we all know that it takes about, um, 30 years before one is truly comfortable on skates unless you are one of those freakish 5-year-olds, which Emily is not, who skates circles around me on the Rideau Canal let's not talk about that.

- This week, Wednesday, January 20, marked the five year mark since my mum died. It's a miserable day in the year and I am now at the point that I'm not interested in writing a post about it and prefer to not blog at all on that day because I'm now feeling like I'm repeating what I've said in previous years. I miss her. So terribly that most times I think about how much I miss her I start to well up and that just isn't a fun way to spend my time nor does it do anything to make me feel better. I much prefer to just remember her, which I do throughout every day in tiny moments or little things the girls do or ask about or that I laugh about or do myself. I will say this though: five years does nothing to dull the pain of that kind of loss.

- Emily's reading is still blowing my mind. She keeps choosing "more challenging" books to bring home and kicks the shite out of them. Her brain continues to wow me.

- Today, Friday, I looked after my girls and a friend's daughter, who is 4, for the whole day (for moola too!). I made 4 batches of play dough which amused them for a long time, then there were puzzles and colouring and crafts, cupcake baking, lunch, a lengthy trip to the Waterloo Children's Museum (which included the totally amazing exhibit Our Body: The Universe Within - very similar to Bodyworks - where once-live human specimens are used to show the different systems at work within our bodies) and then home to decorate cupcakes. It was a doozy of a day but I'm not that tired somehow. Go figure.

- approaching the car in the parking lot after we left the museum, I asked the kids to all put their hands on the car while I unlocked and put my bag in there, to avoid anyone running into traffic. Emily and our other friend did so. Hope walked face-first into the car at full speed, toppling her over backwards. She cried. A lot. Turns out, she told me later, she was tired so was walking with her eyes closed. AGAIN. This is not the first time she's done this. I'm afraid this kid is going to walk off a pier or a cliff or something simply because she's feeling a bit sleepy. Kind of makes me love her even more though, if that was even possible.

- I'm going yarn shopping tomorrow morning with a friend and with no kids and I'm very excited. All yarn purchased will be for baby things. Very, very excited.

- currently Emily is asleep in my bed, my side, because she couldn't sleep due to continually thinking about Millificent, the witch in Sleeping Beauty. Somehow transferring to our bed resulted in non-Millificent brain activity. And sleep.

And that is my week at a glance.