Monday, March 01, 2010

Austin Day 4

Yesterday was another beautiful day. We largely spent the day around the house - playing in the sand box, everyone napping, doing some housework, sitting in the sun, and then Olympic Fever began right when the puck was dropped around 2:15 Texas time. After that it was all Olympics, all the time. That was followed by an amazing steak dinner - ribeye cowboy steak, which means about 3 inches thick - to celebrate and then we watched the weird closing ceremonies. I suppose they aren't proper closing ceremonies if you're not left shaking your head and saying how crappy it was.

This morning while Kate was at preschool, I did some shopping - gifts for the girls etc. It's a rainy day in Austin. Really rainy. No sitting outside for me. I did start making Mulligatawny Soup for supper until I realized there wasn't any curry so now I'm knitting and watching Owen sleep.

I finally uploaded some of my photos from the week. A small selection is below:


Erika said...

Kate has a bike? How AWESOME! (C;

Julie said...

She's so big! And he's a cutie.

I made that soup last week. It's great. It's definately going in the rotation. And Max loved it. Bonus.