Monday, March 29, 2010

The nasty reality of a baby with a cold

Mom Central Canada has a campaign on right now for hydraSense. I'm participating in the campaign and received a few of the hydraSense products. If you haven't seen the commercials, hydraSense is a nasal care system for babies. I don't have a baby right now but I will in a short 8 weeks or so. And I've already had two babies, one of which was diagnosed by my doctor as having tiny nasal passages. Not words you really want to hear when you are desperately seeking sleep.

Emily had snot issues from almost the day she was born. It wasn't even just when she had a cold.... it seemed to be constant for the first few months. We were always using an aspirator on her. We even tried a few different types until settling on what we thought was the most effective. I remember the worst part being the different nasal hydrating sprays. The one the pharamacist recommended seemed to have the power to do a lobotomy. Needless to say, Emily did not like it. It only took me four months to realize that the clothes she was constantly wearing were lent to us by friends who had cats. I removed those clothes and sheets and the nose problems cleared up substantially.

She still caught colds though and we still suffered through tiny nasal passages.

It was Emily that remarked the other day when seeing the packages of Hydrasense I received that they contain "the science of the ocean." We don't even have a t.v. and somehow the power of advertising has reached her.

After going through the package, I do wish I had these products when Emily was a baby. I really like the Easy Dose Vials of Hydrating Nasal Care. They are little tiny tubes filled with a solution that you gently put into the baby's nose to keep it hydrated. That would have helped us quite a bit I think. There is also an aspirator and filters for it. It is much more involved that the squeeze type I used and I'll be trying it out on this new baby when the first cold (or tiny nasal passages) come along. You can see a demonstration of it here.

Being pregnant I am suffering from serious nasal congestion so I decided to try out the Ultra Gentle Mist Hydrating Nasal Care for myself. Essentially, it's a nasal spray. I figured that if it was safe for babies, it was safe for a pregnant woman. It wasn't the mind-blowing stuff I unleashed on Emily as a baby... thank goodness. It truly is gentle and it did clear my nose sufficiently over night. I have since turned to the adult stuff however since it didn't quite have the power I needed but I'm sure it will be great for a baby.

If you're interested in trying this for your own baby (and if you're suffering through a baby with a cold, I know you're desperately looking for a few hours of sleep right now), you can sign up for the Dolphins Club and download their coupon at Once logged back into your account, enter the code MC2010 under the online coupons tab and get an $8 coupon toward the purchase of the nasal aspirator.

Here's to clear noses all around!


little b said...

I recently got a Nosefrida, which is a swedish nose sucking device. You put the tube in the baby's (or toddler's) nose and then you suck on the other end of the tube (with a filter in between). Works great. Way better than the bulb syringes. I haven't tried it after using a saline first, but I think that would be even better. Owen is suffering from a cold, and it's great to be able to clear a bit of the gunk out.

Karen said...

That sounds exactly like the hydraSense. You have to suck on the end of a tube and there are filters in between. I look forward to trying it on this new baby (when the need arises). I'll let you know what I think.

Sheryl said...

We have the nosefrida too. It does a great job of cleaning out the gunk but the baby doesn't lay nearly as still as the one in that video did. No way.

Ginger said...

I have Nosefrida too.... SO easy to use and works quickly. "Self-suctioning" aspirators are definitely the way to go.