Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pregnancy Update: Hello, third trimester

It kind of surprised me, this third trimester. I had to check my little pregnancy ticker at the side of the blog to be sure what week I'm at - I'm in my 31st week! That means I'm officially in my third trimester (and have been for about 3 weeks, turns out). I'm feeling surprisingly good this week. The last few weeks have been an ongoing battle between heartburn, indigestion and sore hips with uncomfortable sleep thrown in for good measure. This week, the heartburn is almost non-existent as is the indigestion. I've had two good night's sleep in a row. I have no idea why but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. I think the reintroduction of coffee is the key.

One thing that has seriously helped me through this pregnancy (and my pregnancy with Hope) is ongoing chiropractic care. Right now I'm seeing my local chiropractor every week, which I think is a bit excessive but after my labour with Emily I am so focussed on proper positioning of the baby that I do what she tells me (it worked when I was pregnant with Hope).

I've had a few comments from people lately like this: Wow, I bet you're anxious for this baby to come out now! (And then when I mention my due date of June 1, a look of shock comes over their face.) I actually thought I would be bigger at this point, given this is my third baby but I seem to be just right for my body type and comfort level. Not that I care that a few people think I look big. I really like how I look when I'm pregnant and since this will be the last time, I'm enjoying seeing and touching my round belly. Here I am in all my glory:

The baby enjoys flipping... a lot. During the day I can still feel it do an occasional flip... nothing to worry about yet, although for the most part it is head down (much more comfortable than someone stomping on your cervix, let me tell you).

I'm in pseudo-training, not just for labour (although I know that my body knows how to do that so I don't really "train" for it), but for our trip to New York City (!) in mid-April. There will be a lot of walking - at the girl's pace of course - and my feet have to be ready. Right now, that continues to be my biggest complaint; I get really sore heels from the extra weight if I'm standing for very long. So, each day I'm trying to do a long walk. This afternoon I hope to do one after my massage (mmm, massage).

I've been woefully neglectful of blogging about the pregnancy. I had just started my blog when I was pregnant with Hope and it gave me much-needed subject matter. This time, with two other kids in the mix, it is a bit of a second thought. Until a few weeks ago I even had thoughts of "oh yeah, I'm pregnant" about once a day. That's not a problem anymore since this little babe enjoys kicking me in the ribs often. Hopefully now that we're in the third trimester around here, I'll make sure to do a bit of documentation more frequently. Otherwise this kid is already doomed to be the forgotten third child.


Julie said...

you look fab!

i will try my best to ensure that new baby walsh is not the forgotten third child.

little b said...

Beautiful belly! I think E and H will ensure that the baby is not forgotten.

Shan said...

Great pictures. I can't believe you're that far along already!!

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Pam said...

WOW you look fantastic!!! Enjoy the good days and hopefully the crummy health days are few and far between.