Thursday, May 27, 2010

Henry 365

I've been told by more than one person who has three children that the third child ends up with even less photos of them than the second child did. I was talking about this with my good friend Marnie (now blog-outed!), wonder woman and captain of a house that contains four (four!) children. She suggested I do a pseudo Project 365 but have the subject only be Henry: a photo each day for a year. Thing is, I missed today but up until today (Henry's eighth day) I've been on a roll.

So, I've started a Flickr account where I'll try my best to have a photo a day of Henry up there. This will not be a lesson in photography skills or framing my best shots (heck, I don't even own photo-editing software). This is all about Henry and keeping track of his first year. I'll try and figure out how to put it in my sidebar (done!). I must highlight this photo that I took of Henry a few days ago though (I think it's pretty awesome):

And as for today? It was a breastfeeding un-friendly day but we seem to be back on track after help from my saviour, my midwife Mina who I triple-love. I want her to move in with us.


Julie said...

great picture of henry. i think it's a great idea. it'll be fun to be able to watch him grow and change in the first year. good luck!

Marnie said...

Outed! I guess it's time...glad to get see you started on the Henry chronicles!

Mary Lynn said...

Oh wow--he's beautiful!