Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Henry update

(Photos now below! and additional text....)

This is bound to become the All Henry All the Time blog for a while. Indulge me.

Here is a quick trip down the last few days:

  • John's mom has been here entertaining the girls, doing dishes, cleaning etc. It's been AWESOME. She just left. That's NOT awesome.
  • Henry loves the boob. He's a champion breastfeeder, which is great. He is a terrible latcher right now. Not great. He screams and fusses when trying to latch him. This, along with my painful breasts, makes me wonder if I have candida (and thus he has thrush). I'm going to get some gentian violet later today to treat it just in case. (Ed. to add: after a meltdown by me and a call to my midwife and explaining how Henry is behaving, she declared it immediately a gas bubble and that I need to have him in an upright position for feeding when he is screaming like that when latching. She was right to a point. He still screams but gives up more quickly. It's still very stressful and crappy and he still is impatient about the milk coming when he finally does latch on. All in all, the usual for breastfeeding.)
  • He sleeps about 2 to 3 hours at a time. He's very easy to get to sleep. He eats, he falls asleep on my shoulder/chest, I transfer him to his bed. Easy peasy for the most part.
  • Last night he spent his night in the side-sleeper thingy (a co-sleeper crib-like thing attached to the side of our bed). Much better sleep for me resulted.
  • He loves to be cuddled and held but is okay on his own too.
  • Today will be our first walk in the stroller as I promised Emily I'd pick her up from school so she could show off her brother. (Ed. to add: Went well but maybe it was a bit early. I was exhausted when I got home.)
  • The girls have reacted... as expected. They are totally in love with him and smother him with attention but they have also acted out with some tantrums, mischief, emotional ups and downs. We're being patient but some days the patience runs thin with my emotional child (Emily).


Julie said...

yeah for lots of henry blogging. glad to her that the girls are smitten, but really, was there any question? and i guess their reactions are to be expected. hopefully they don't last too long and that the good spells are better than the bad of the bad spells.

good luck with purple face! i hope it helps.

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

What a charming picture of the 3 kids together on the couch. A loving family! :-)

Julie said...

i love the pic of the three of them. hope looks so tall and older! no more baby face.

Sheryl said...

Yay! He's a cutie.

Jack went through a phase of screaming at the beginning of nursing too. It was extremely stressful, but he did eventually grow out of it.