Sunday, June 27, 2010

Henry at 1 month

Dear Henry,

You turned one month old last weekend. This week has seen you become so much more aware of everything around you. Your little bright eyes can focus on so many more things. You are still a baby who loves to be in arms and not set down much. You'll put up with a few minutes before squawking, which wears thin after a while, I admit. I try and remind myself that in a few months I'll look back on all the cuddles nostalgically rather than get irritated by having to hold you so much.

You also challenge me in getting you to sleep but lucky for us you take a soother and I've figured out that the best way to get you to sleep in the evening is to feed you and then rock you in our lovely avacado green rocking chair while you work on the soother.

Of course, your real preference is to use Mummy as a soother. You are a definite boob man and it shows in how big you are. Three weeks ago you weighed 9 lbs 3 oz (you were 8 lbs 11 oz when you were born 5 weeks ago) and this week you weighed in at 12 lbs 8 oz. I think I'm producing cream! You and I have worked really hard on your latch. I was motivated to get it right this time; I'm tired of sore nipples! And it has paid off in how much milk you are getting and how much easier (and therefore enjoyable) breastfeeding is now. My favourite part is still when you fall asleep on my after you're done feeding. A close second is how noisy you are when you breastfeed. I even recorded it. Emily declared that you sound like a flock of geese. I always thought Hope was noisy when she fed but you definitely win the prize. It's adorable.

I have to admit that you do challenge me sometimes and I get worn out. You're letting me get only 2 hours of sleep at a time but then I have to also remember that you are really easy to get back to sleep in the night and you don't really cry for any reason but wanting to be held and wanting to eat. You're pretty easy to cart around and you love the bath.

I know that these are early days and things will likely only get easier. I just have to enjoy the way you are now in the midst of our moving chaos and not wish you to be any different because really.... you are perfect just the way you are.

It's you I like, Henry.




Julie said...

can't wait to hear the flock of geese!

Pam said...

You have written such a beautiful letter to your son! What a fabulous way to impart your feelings and record a memory of exhaustion, frustration and love.

little b said...

Henry, I can't wait to meet you. I've missed the first month which makes me sad, but I'm sure we'll make up for lost time.

Love, your best aunt,

Jannie said...

Karen, your letter is totally lovely. So beautiful,
warm, and real. I am eager to see you soon, and
meet this precious boy.