Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh Henry

Turns out that Henry is a very normal 1 month old. In other words, he's cranky when awake, wants to suck (on me) all the time, and fights sleep. Hope made sure I forgot what this was all like when she was a baby and made having her around downright easy. Henry's decided to remind me of why the first three months or so of a new baby.... kinda suck (although all the cuddles are still amazing).

And so don't except the following from me too often:

  • a pleasant disposition
  • good looking hair
  • having showered recently
  • freshly applied deodorant
  • coherent blog posts or emails
  • a clean house
  • polite responses to comparisons of how tired a person is who doesn't have a new baby in the house
  • photos of Henry every day (oops!)
  • declining the offer of tea, liquor, a hot meal or any other kind of help
Not to mention those other two kids who like my attention occasionally. They're being awesome actually and I'm loving the hugs and support they're giving us in these early days.

1 comment:

Julie said...

i'll be glad to get what you can post once in a while and i promise to be uber polite. and when you are back home you can count on me bringing you some food. might not be as good as the meat pie you brought us, but it will be food!