Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm thankful for....

  • rain and cooler temperatures
  • a good latch (and improving every day)
  • a two-hour nap for me this morning (after literally being up almost all night)
  • hot meals brought over by friends
  • family and friends who invite the girls for playdates
  • a healthy baby
  • a hefty milk supply
  • healing nipples
  • good hemorrhoid medication (remember my experience with Hope?)
  • a good duck and cover reflex when faced with Henry's impression of Manneken Pis
  • an amazing midwife
  • a friend who shows up and takes me to Starbucks for an hour (with Henry in tow)
  • borrowed baby equipment, and:

an amazing partner who is going full out these days to make everything a bit easier for me and the girls

two amazing girls who are the best helpers and best friends

this guy. My threats to put him up on Kijiji after last night were just a joke. Seriously.


Julie said...

beautiful. i am so happy for you!

little b said...

I love this post. And I love Henry's lips in this picture.