Saturday, July 24, 2010

Packing is fully underway

I've managed to get Henry to take a long afternoon nap yesterday and today, something he hasn't done in about a week. Thank you Henry for complying! Because packing had to start in earnest and without him sleeping during the day, things were looking grim for me. But yesterday I managed to finish packing most of the playroom and by today about half the kitchen is packed (we're eating off of our picnic set now).

This morning John and our friend Greg took a trailer load to Generations (our favourite local consignment store - an MCC thrift store). I had to say goodbye to my favourite avacado green swivel rocking chair that has seem me through the last two months of breastfeeding. I was sad to see it go. Our living room furniture now consists of our IKEA pull-out couch, a desk and desk chair and one side table. We also got rid of our two leopard skin dining room chairs (didn't really shed a tear there) and will get rid of the other four (not leopard skin, sadly) just before we move.

On the dining room chair front, we gave away our chairs before we left Ottawa and bought 6 (at a whopping $4.99 each) at Value Village when we came to Waterloo. We obviously needed to replace them either before we moved back to Ottawa or right after we arrived. Today John went to one of those Toronto places you hear about but never find - direct from manufacturer, discounted, really nice stuff, pay in cash, no tax, near the airport, etc etc etc. He bought 6 dark brown high-back leather dining room chairs, no tax, in cash, no receipt, for $98 each. They were discontinued and they're gorgeous. They'll make our table look a bit ghetto. They make me feel like a grown-up given that they didn't come from IKEA like so much of our furniture.

Today we also said goodbye to our very close friends, Tamara and Greg, who are heading out on vacation today to New Brunswick and won't be back until after we've left. The first of the goodbyes have begun.

And now, time for some refreshment before Henry wakes up. Things are underway! The end is in sight... sad and happy at the same time.


Lynn said...

Looking forward to having you back in Ottawa! We must get together and have pie :).

Shan said...

Boo! Not for the awesome nap... just the moving back to Ottawa part.

Julie said...

can't wait to see these sexy new chairs!

i want to be included in lynn's pie date! ;)

Erika said...

There's something wrong with IKEA???