Saturday, July 17, 2010

It finally happened!

If you've been reading along here this year, you know that The Fairy Blogmother and I have tried and failed to meet up more than once, having to cancel both times due to sick kids.

And the clock is ticking. We're pulling out of this here region in exactly two weeks today (ACK! You'd think we'd have more packed).

And so we hastily wrote back and forth and set upon today as the new date for a meet-up. Both our husbands were suspect that it would ever happen - my car would meet a herd of cows on the way, a meteor would block the road, aliens would abduct Shannon - SOMETHING would stop this from happening.

But HAH! We proved them wrong and I arrived at Shannon's lovely house in her lovely town today around 10:30. The kids showed now hesitation and were frolicking in the pool together in no time. Shannon and I started chatting and it didn't take long before we were sharing some of our deeper thoughts and secrets that we can't always let out on our blogs.

I realized later that as great as blogging is as a way to make new friends, you really can't start to know someone properly until you meet face to face and spend some real time together. That's what today was for me. Now I really feel like a deeper friendship has developed and I look forward to fostering that and of course, meeting up again next time we're in these parts.

And Shannon, in all her baking goodness, cooked us up an awesome batch of Rolo cookies. When she starts her baking business you all must order from her!

And you know it is a good visit when one kid leaves in tears because she wants to stay longer (that would be Hope).

And just so you all know that I didn't make this up, here is the photo evidence of our visit (we were too busy chatting to take any more photos):

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Julie said...

yeah! so glad you guys were finally able to do it. sounds like a great time.