Friday, July 16, 2010

A day I'd mostly like to remember

So after yesterday, today was a huge improvement. Probably because we actually left the house. Of course, we left the house, drove part way to Toronto, stopped for a Henry feeding, drove the rest of the way (with Henry mostly crying because he refused to feed at aforementioned stop), navigated many closed roads in downtown TO, stood in interminable lines in the CN Tower, ate street meat at 3:00 for lunch and then headed to The Beach to spend the rest of the day with my wonderful friend Deb and that was the part that I'd most like to remember about today. The girls and I had a great time at Deb's and having a picnic in Kew Gardens and it was a perfect way to end what started as a frustrating day.

Even though the CN Tower was heavy on lines and the wallet, I got some great photos:

The Dome was open all ready for the big soccer game: Manchester United vs. ? (can't remember). The local scalpers were quite taken with Henry and asked if he would be a soccer fan one day. A soccer fan who perhaps would buy tickets illegally from them?

Tomorrow promises to be awesome as well because I'm finally and truly going to meet The Blogmother in person!

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