Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Sugarplum Fairy bakes again!

I have a dual personality. My other persona is The Sugarplum Fairy. She bakes, she rolls pie crust, she delivers!

You see, I have my own little home-baking business where I do the work and customers eat the rewards. My business is called Sugarplum Fairy Homebaking and I've decided to dive back in this year after taking last year off (since we were living in another city with less than ample kitchen facilities for this kind of thing). However, this year I've decided to make some revisions to how I do things.

First, everything will be delivered frozen. This will allow me to accept orders up to a certain date and then bake for the two or so weeks following that and deliver everything at once. This way I'll actually be able to relax during the week or two before Christmas and really focus on my family. My other change will be how I deliver things. I didn't like the cake boxes I used last time from both an aesthetic and environmental perspective. So this year I'm offering to transfer the goodies into personal containers when I deliver them or to hand them over in Christmas tins or reusable Ziploc bags. I think this will work much better.

I just finished my 2010 Christmas price list. It's up on my Sugarplum Fairy blog right now. So, for anyone in the Ottawa area, if you don't like to bake or just don't have the time.... let me do it for you!

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