Thursday, December 02, 2010

That's what you get for referring to this as Virtually Stale

John just told me that "Virtually There is Virtually Stale." Hah. Funny guy.

Truth is there doesn't seem to be enough minutes in a day right now. I'm baking, freezing, andtaking orders for Sugarplum Fairy, taking the kids to their activities, changing diapers and playing with Henry, we've got all the usual church Christmas stuff going on, I'm still trying to get the Christmas decorations up around the house (that project stalled yesterday) and I haven't done anything about the 25 Days of Christmas project which has now been whittled down to 23 days at the most.

I'm not actually stressed about these things and how busy I feel. I still have time to help Emily with her homework, bake with Hope, tickle Henry and cook with John.

However it seems what has fallen off is the blogging. Something had to give.

I'll try and get here when I can but the reality of having your own baking business is that early December is mildly CUCKOO.

I must tell you about one small glimpse from my week though. This week was the last in the current gymnastics session for the girls. And the last week means that parents/siblings are invited in to watch the class, take pictures and see the routines that they've worked on. I went to Hope's class on Tuesday morning. Three and four-year-olds jumping around and hanging off ropes and tumbling and being generally chaotic. It was great. Hope is an amazing listener, she is extremely focussed on her task and her teacher and she is extremely persistent. If she can't accomplish something the first time, she tries until she does it. And without getting frustrated. That's pretty amazing for 4 years old. These qualities aren't true just at gymnastics. I've noticed those things in her for a while. They'll serve her well.

Yesterday we went to Emily's class. Hope was with me. Henry (all 23 pounds) was on my back in the Ergo baby carrier. By the by, my back is still aching today after having him in there for that hour. Emily's class had actual routines (sort of) that they worked out and performed together. There was floor work, beams, trampoline, etc. I've been to a few of Emily's classes but not for a few weeks. John has been taking her. I was WOWED at her progress. WOWED, I say. The child can do a full round-off and cartwheel. I have never successfully done a cartwheel so don't even ask about a round-off. She has almost mastered a handstand. I was really taken by her grace and athleticism. I knew she had athletic tendencies but it was amazing to see how after a few short weeks, her skills were really honed and she is so comfortable in her body, how it moves and what she can do with it.

Right now John would tell you that she does not get that from me. At which point I would do a double flip and drop him with a flying kick to the crotch. How's that for athletic, honey?


Julie said...


awesome that hope has such focus and drive. max proclaims he can't do it even before he tries. it's going to be the death of me.

i'd love to see em's round off. i could never do a cartwheel either. yep, a ex-cheerleader who can't do a cartwheel. tells you how good we must have been! ;-)

John said...

On what page of the non-violence, social justice, peace-activist Mennonite handbook to better living does the phrase "flying karate chop to the balls" appear? I can't find it in my copy.

Karen said...

I edited my copy to include it.

Erika said...

Love the finale (C;