Friday, April 29, 2011

Austin Days 2 and 3

Yesterday, Day 2, was all about hooping, hula hooping that is. In the morning after brekkie we walked over to the local bakery, Quarks, and got treats before heading to the local park. I did my usual, chatting with friendly local Austin parents. In the afternoon while the boys slept, Beth, Kate and I hooped. I still have some skills but now there are tricks! And lasso moves! And twirls! And booty bumps! On my list of to-dos when I get home is to build 3 hoops for the girls and me.

Beth arranged a babysitter from 5:00 to 7:00 so we could go out for happy hour. We went to a great Mexican place that we biked to where we had Mexican martinis that had a jalepeno stuffed inside the olive, jicama sticks, incredible chicken wings, grilled cactus and lots of other taste sensations.

Today was THE BIG DAY. Beth and I were in front of the computer at 5:00 watching Kate and Wills tie the knot while scrutinizing the fashion choices made by the guests. Biggest fashion criminal was Princess Beatrice with her antelope fascinator.

After the wedding we dropped Kate at preschool and walked along dried-up Shoal Creek. We stopped at my favorite Austin bookstore, Book People, where I bought several gifts to take home and then made one more stop at Whole Earth Provision, my other favorite Austin store before heading back to get Kate.

Thus afternoon was chillaxin and trying to make it to supper without passing out due to exhaustion.

Beth's friend Laura Sue (Kate's surrogate grandmother) joined us for dinner at Julio's for Amazing roast chicken and wickedly strong Mexican martinis. Needless, there was a lot of loud talking and laughing. Henry dumped a glass of ice water in my crotch and I didn't flinch. I was feeling that good.

Tomorrow: swimming and a pizza party?

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Julie said...

i've noticed now that every time you go to austin, a lot of your time is spent around food. ;) what exactly is a mexican martini, and can we make them here at home?

enjoy the rest of your trip!