Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hourly Photo Project, Easter Sunday 2011

I'm participating in the Fishbowl's Hourly Photo Project today. I'll be taking a photo at the top of the hour all day long of whatever I, or we, happen to be doing at the time.

6:00 a.m. First order of business

7:00 Shower time

8:00 am

9:00. Arriving at church for Easter breakfast

10:00 waiting for church to begin

11:00. Church about to begin

12:00. Post-service

1:00 pm. Teatime

2:00 pm. Emily shows me her wiggly tooth

3:00. Hope's Easter ensemble. It's always an event when she gets dressed.

4:00. All set

5:00 pm


7:30.... and look what happened! (this deserved a half-hour photo)


9:00 Forgotten eggs



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Charis said...

What do you mean Emliy is old enough to be loosing teeth?!?!

Karen said...

I know... Crazy, isn't it?!

Julie said...

looks like it was a great day.

Shan said...

Loved the peek into your day my friend!

little b said...

Loved it. Except that you were mopping your floor at 10 pm. That part wasn't so great.

andrea said...

Great pics. I too wondered about the mopping. Are you superwoman or was there a big spill? :)

Thank you for playing along!