Monday, September 26, 2011

And... she's back. And now with more pumpkins!


I was on a roll there but then the old Karen came back to her infrequent stop-ins round these parts.  I know.  None of us like change so I'm sure you're as pleased as I am that I'm back to my old ways.

Also, my new stint as Guider-spread-thinly has taken up a lot of my time recently what with two Brownie meetings now under my belt and my new roll as a Spark Guider. 

Yes, you read that right.  I'm now leading a Sparks Unit as well. 

What's that?  Crazy?  Yes, I am.  I fully acknowledge that and also my inability to say 'no'. At some point I'll learn that word but for now I will continue in my roll as over-tired and stressed over-achiever. 

My issue is that I love to be loved.  I accept it.  I own it.  Let's move on to pumpkins.

(But not before you go and read this blog post that I wrote for the GirlGuidesCAN blog, the first in a series I'm doing for them about being a first time Guider.  Go on.  I'll wait.)

Today my lovely friend Isobel and I dragged took Henry to Miller's Pumpkin Farm just south of lovely Manotick for a morning of frolicking among the pumpkins while we took hundreds of photos of the boy.  Okay, I took the photos.  Poor Isobel.  She has a gorgeous camera and excellent photo-taking skills but her remembering skills were left behind today... with her memory card.

Luckily, I threw in my point-and-shoot at the last minute and the photos, while not as good as what Isobel would have taken, were not bad.  Not bad at all.

A smattering:

Taking a look inside the pumpkin hotel


Yeah, I'm cute all right.

Pensive pumpkin perusal.

It's hug a pumpkin day.

Hmm, I think this one deserves a Churchillian consideration.

Gah!  Camera!  I will wrestle that from your puny hands.

Gourds.  Me like.

Witty caption here.

It was a lovely, lovely morning.  The weather was perfect.  I drank in every moment of sunshine because I fear that we are running out of days where the temperature gets over 20 degrees.  I have to imprint this in my mind to get through the coming Ottawa winter. 

But let's not talk about that right now.  Let's just think of sunshine and roses.


little b said...

He's adorable. And he looks so much older than when I saw him a month ago. Only a month? Crazy.

Anonymous said...

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, Karen! And I've imprinted it in my mind as well (seeing as I haven't got it imprinted digitally anywhere). Your pictures did turn out very nice...of course the adorableness of the subject always helps!

And yes, you are crazy and we admire your kind of crazy. :)

Anonymous said...

karen, they're lucky to have your energy and writing skills in the guides etc.! "this too shall pass!"...
love the pumpkin patch photos! here's a caption suggestion for the last one: "let's take this one home, mom!"
we had a gorgeous day yesterday, too, and i sure hope there are a few more like this before winter!

Shan said...

Love the pictures and I'm with you on the inability to say no and the loving to be loved. That "nasty" combination is about to get me into a heap of more work. I can feel it.