Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm alive!

I'm still kicking, friends... just silently. A few times I've written simply brilliant posts in my head but they got absorbed by my grey matter before I could spew them forth.

Given it's late and I therefore have no chance of putting something coherent together here are some random thoughts.

If I dedicated one day a week to cleaning the house... well, we'd live in a much cleaner house. Right now, I tend to do cleaning jobs through the week, here and there. Today I did most of it in one fell swoop. This may be a game-changer.

I really hate the term 'game-changer.'

I'm totally passionate about Coronation Street right now. Who's with me?

Since becoming a Brownie leader, I've become a bit obsessed by owls. Chapters has a gorgeous little owl mug that I've put on my Christmas list and I love some of the owl prints I'm seeing around. Also, I wouldn't turn my nose up at any cute owl necklace on Etsy. Just sayin'.

I realized today after getting all decked out in my yearly witch costume for Hope's Sparks Halloween party that I'm not so into Halloween anymore. I love watching the kids dress up but I'm not so keen now. I do continue to be keen on the candy.

It's time for a dramatic hair change but fitting a dramatic change into my schedule is proving to be difficult.

Henry is beyond all cute right now but he's also a holy terror. He stuffed a ton of paper towel in the toilet last week, rolled waxed paper across the kitchen floor so that it became decidedly unrolled, flushed his toothbrush down the toilet (we think), dumped a garbage can full of glitter onto a toilet seat and flushes toilets umpteen times during the day. He really likes toilets.


Anonymous said...

this is a lovely mishmash of catch-up, karen!
isn't that the way, that you get great ideas when you're out and about (or for me, i zero in on exact wording i want to use for a blog post) and then when you get to a computer - poof! gone!
isn't it great to get everything clean at once. love that feeling of centredness! (even if it doesn't last that long).
i saw the owl mug at chapters - super cute. and i love that you make an xmas list! :)

little b said...

Thank you for the Christmas ideas. I hope you don't end up with a gazillion owl items and then decide you don't like it. There are so many great owl things around. Have you looked on etsy?

I'm imagining the destruction that our two boys could do together. Yikes. The house might not be standing at the end of it.

Isobel said...

This is why they invented toilet locks!...Henry. :) What a kid. He's lucky he's cute. Can you put him at the kitchen sink full of water and let him play? Sometimes they just need to get it out of their systems. As for owls. They're HUGE this I've discovered with a modicum of observation. I bought one and need to take it to the cottage. So CUTE! Anyway...before my comment gets too long...good to see you here and writing. Always enjoy your posts.

Erika said...

At this rate, Henry will be actually using a toilet before next month! (c;