Friday, March 16, 2012

March Break 2012: Thursday

Yesterday was largely another at-home day. I spent the morning doing some cleaning and allowed the kiddies to lounge in front of the t.v. for a while.  After I put the kibosh on that, it was craft time and play time.  I continued to clean while the kids played.  In fact, I did a major spring clean project: I took everything out of the front hall closet (I should have taken before and after photos), mopped the floor inside the closet, cleaned the baseboards, sorted through things and reorganized.  It felt so good to have that done.

Soon after that, John came home and I packed up our swimming stuff and put Henry to bed.  Turns out that he wouldn't nap at all and John had to eventually retrieve him and bring him to the basement to watch a little b-ball.

Meanwhile, the girls and I headed to Splash Wave Pool for some super-duper wave action fun.... along with every other family in Ottawa, apparently.  I have never been to that pool when it was so busy.  Even over Christmas holidays it wasn't as busy as it was yesterday.  It was total insanity.  Which meant the wave pool was a mixture of squeals of delight as we were lifted up high by the waves and annoyance as people rode on top of us with their foam surf thingies. 

Our system was to rotate from wave pool to water slide (super fun!) to warm pool and back to wave pool again.  My personal favourite was the water slide.  I could have done that over and over again but I could only convince Emily to do it once so we had to take that out of our rotation.  Boo.

The girls had a great time and felt going to Splash was the big outing of the week, making up for the decision to not go to Cosmic Adventures (a huge indoor playground).  I'm so glad I opted for this instead as it saved a bundle of money - Cosmic would have cost about $60 not including snacks while Splash cost $14 plus about $8 more for a stop at Starbucks after for some warm drinks.  Value for money!  And who can really put a price on being swum over again and again?

I have no photos of our adventure yesterday.  My camera is not waterproof and change-room photos are just creepy.  So, today's post is a photo-less update but tomorrow!  Stay tuned for photos of Paulette and Franklin!  Today's the day!

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Cathy said...

yes, spring cleaning chores may not be fun, but you feel so good when you accomplish a task and see the amazing difference from before to after! i can't wait to spring clean...going to be my reward for when i finish the blanket!!!
glad you had such fun at the splash pad and that in comparison, it was such good value! a starbucks outing is needed after any adventure, imo!