Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Break 2012: Wednesday

There is always a day in a week like this where things don't fall into place as you planned.  Wednesday was that day.  It was still a good day and we had lots of fun but it didn't turn out as we expected.

Our plan was to go to the Science and Technology Museum to hear Paulette Bourgeois read from one of her very famous books, specifically Franklin's School Trip.  Apparently there would be a person dressed up in a Franklin costume, too.  The girls picked out a few Franklin books to have the author sign.

Just before heading out the door, I went online to confirm the time the reading would take place: 10:30.  On Friday.  Oops! 

New plan: Little Ray's Reptile Zoo!  Not far away and I had a Groupon. 

I went online again to retrieve my Groupon only to find that it isn't valid during March Break (of course, should have known).  Oops again! 

Discussion: what should we do today?  Not surprisingly Emily voted to stay home for the day but I insisted we leave the house (for my own sanity).  We settled on something simple: go to The Glebe and check out the chocolate shop, Truffles and Treasures, that I went to the other night with friends and on the way there or back we'd finally drop off all the stuff that's been crowding the car at Salvation Army.

We parked the car and started walking down Bank Street towards the chocolate shop when we found a new-to-me bike shop that seemed to focus a lot on kids and family bikes.  We popped in to look at their helmet selection and left with a very cool new helmet for Hope.  The shop was called Joe Mamma and I will definitely be going there again.  The staff was really friendly, knowledgeable AND there was adog in there that kept Henry so distracted that he didn't knock any bikes over.  Miracle!  I'm thinking we may get Henry a scoot bike for his birthday and I'll definitely be getting it there.

Henry took an immediate shine to Hope's helmet and wore it like a uniform for the rest of our time in The Glebe.

This is Henry's usual pose for having a photo taken.  Don't know why but it's darn cute.

All read to try some chocolate.
We finally arrived at Truffles and Treasures.  The kids were mesmerized by the chocolate-making video that was playing.  I was taken (yet again) with the colours, smells and displays. 

Not only does the place smell sensational but it's a feast for the eyes as well.

These are the chocolate pieces they use to make hot chocolate... my neighbour comes here just to buy them to make hot chocolate at home.  It's that good.

I bought the chocolate-dipped marshmallows last time I was in and the girls claimed they were homemade marshmallows and the best thing ever.
Next time, I'll be trying this...
....or maybe this... if I have a team to eat it with me.
The colours of the Turkish Delight were gorgeous and reminded me of Spring.
We ordered hot chocolate from their amazing list of hot chocolate offerings, deciding to split them between us (the cups are huge).  Hazelnut for Hope and Henry and peppermint for Emily and me.  Emily also chose out some chocolate-covered gummie bears to share (ew).  And I bought a Nutkin to share also.

Look at those choices!  So hard to decide.

I did try one.  My verdict was "weird."
The truffle case... I could spend a lot of time taste-testing.

By the time we were done, Emily and I had stomach aches from the sweet richness but we were fueled!  They honestly have the best hot chocolate in town... a bit rich, but a decadent treat.  I highly recommend the peanut butter hot chocolate I had last time.  Although the pepermint was great also.  I also recommend sharing.

This map by the cash shows all the place people have sent or eaten their chocolate.  Wow!

After that little adventure, we headed home with a quick stop at Salvation Army for our drop-off. 

Soon after we got home, it was time to walk across the street for the girls' haircuts.  A woman on my street has a mini-salon in her basement and does great work (and very reasonably priced).  Henry was again entertained by a dog and the girls are neat and tidy for a while now.

During Henry's nap, I sat down with the girls to work on some of Emily's Brownie badges and had Hope do them too, just for fun.  We made time capsules and book posters.  Two more badges completed!
Hope's time capsule.  Seems fitting to use a Girl Guide Cookie box.

The contents of Emily's time capsule.  She had a hard time choosing what to put in there.
After that, it was outside play time.  The girls scooted, I started supper and then brought Henry out after he woke up.  I showed him his new-to-him bike helmet (I know, I know, you're not supposed to transfer helmets from one kid to another.  Moving on....) and he went bananas for it... as you'll soon see.  He was also MILDLY taken with his first ride on the tricycle, throwing a minor fit when I told him I had to go in to cook supper.  Today there will most definitely be more tricycle time.

And for the rest of the day, Henry insisted on wearing his helmet.

While he watched shows on the iPad.  While he ate supper.

Wednesday nights are John's night class.  So, given that it's March Break, I declared it a movie-and-supper-in-the-basement-night.  We watched Barbie Princess Charm School (sounds horrible, I know... but not nearly as bad as I thought... I liked the attempt to focus on character over looks, although there was still a lot of hair, dresses and shoes going on) on my computer as I couldn't figure out how to burn it to DVD, which I've done MANY TIMES so don't think I'm a total computer loser... I just couldn't get it to work last night.  I think my Mac doesn't like the discs we have.   Anywho....

The sweetest moment came when Henry got in trouble for trying to yank Hope's cookie out of her hand and after crying on my lap for a few moments, ran right over to Emily (who wasn't involved in the altercation as victim or disciplinarian) for comfort.  It was so cute.

And that was our Wednesday.  It's funny how things turn out.  I was slightly concerned in the morning that it would turn out to be an "I'm bored!" kind of day... but it didn't at all. 

Today we'll be home during the morning and then I have a surprise planned for the afternoon.  John's coming home early to stay with Henry while I take the girls to the Splash Wave Pool. 

Hopefully it will actually happen!


Cathy said...

Oooo, what a great day! I am esp taken with the bike and chocolate shop experiences! I like to hear customer service stories!
Funny how plans don't always go down as anticipated..but it was still a fun day! Wonderful how much you accomplished/enjoyed!

Shan said...

Looks like it ended up being a pretty great day anyway. Love love love the helmet. So cute!! I'm in love with that chocolate shop! Looks delish.

Erika said...

It is COMPLETELY unfair to have so many incredible chocolate pictures without at LEAST scratch and sniff! (c;