Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Break 2012: Tuesday

We had another lazy morning yesterday.  In fact, it took a lot of convincing to get the girls out of their pyjamas.

Our gorgeous kiddies enjoying the ride together.  Hope looks healthier, doesn't she?
We drove over to our local O-Train station and boarded the train towards Carleton.  John met us at the platform and we walked over to the food court to have lunch together.  The lunch options at the Carleton food court have expanded a lot in the last year or two.  I had a decent red curry chicken over rice.  John had Singapore Vermicelli.  Emily had sushi.  Hope had an A&W hamburger and fries.  Henry oscillated between hamburger, fries, pizza and chocolate milk.  The kids drew a lot of smiles and laughs from the students sitting near by.  I remember how odd it felt to see little kids when I was in university because you almost never see them when you are squirreled away studying and attending classes.  It was always a refreshing glimpse into real life.

Enjoying our lunch in the Carleton Food Court.  We were a spectacle, especially when Henry started doing laps around the tables.
Henry's hair, back view.  He has the most gorgeous curls.  I could just smush my face in there all day long.  Sometimes I do.
We walked John back to his office, where Henry contaminated the elevator and part of the History Department's hallways, before heading back to the train.  When we got back to our stop, we made a quick stop at Bulk Barn where everyone got to choose a small bags of treats to take home.

Henry went for his nap, the girls got to indulge in t.v., I lounged on the couch.  After that rest time, Emily and I headed out into the beautiful sunshine to finish her bird feeder that we've been working on this week.  The girls were really keen to do some woodworking this week and these kits from Rona fit the bill: no cutting required - just gluing, measuring and nailing.  Hope eventually came out too and we started and finished her birdhouse in one afternoon.  The birdhouse kit is definitely the quicker project of the two.  I can see us doing this in Brownies next year.

Emily's bird feeder.  I'm sure the squirrels will really enjoy it.

Hope's almost-completed bird house.  This one was really fun and easy.
After that is was scooting with the neighbours as Henry came out from his nap and played in the "ball pool" and on his cars.

Oh... balls!
It was a simple, easy and wonderful day.  The girls declared it "the best day ever," further evidence that doing something simple but out of the ordinary (meeting Daddy for lunch) can be the most special event of a week.

Today: heading to the Science Museum to meet Paulette Bourgeois, the author of the Franklin books.  Or calling a plumber.  Hopefully the former.

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Cathy said...

as someone with stick-straight hair, i so envy henry his curls!
what a fun march break tuesday, karen! i love your lunch out - the beauty of the food court is having something for every taste or craving!
can't wait to see your wednesday blog report!