Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Live blogging: toilet training Henry, Day 1

1:38 pm Henry is sleeping and I'm about to put some cookies in the oven. He hit the mark once and I suspect he's saving it all up to unleash in his diaper during his nap.


12:35 all Spider-Man underpants heading to the washing machine. No pee has yet to hit the toilet. We may have a difficult case on our hands. Time for a lunch break. Ham with ketchup. Lunch of toilet training champions



10:20 all decked out in Spider-Man underpants.

9:55am Ready to go




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Anonymous said...

Oh Karen I can soooo relate to this! Drew was the worst potty trainer of our three. The other two took two weeks he took TWO YEARS! Maybe it's birth order or the curly hair? (Drew had a massive fro) And what is it with the ketchup? Jess use to dip her shreddies in it...blech!