Thursday, January 10, 2013

Toilet training Henry Day 2

Friends, after only one day, I'm off the wagon. Yesterday afternoon saw one very small, perhaps accidental success. The rest of the day was a series of wet underpants and small puddles. This kid is a camel. I plied him with juice all day and it never reappeared. That makes toilet training a bit challenging. Even this morning his diaper did not reflect the amount of liquid he consumed yesterday.


I was forced to take some social time for myself this morning at Starbucks, mainly for my own sanity. There is only so many times I can sing the pee-pee song without losing my shit.

After Starbucks, it was off to Costco to return two bathing suits for Emily for a bigger size. I had to do it today before they sold out because kids' Speedo suits at $11.99 won't last long.

So now we're home, diaper still on, Dora on the iPad. I hope the afternoon will produce some successes. If so, you're sure to hear about it here.

Update: Lots of pee today.  All in diapers except for one prolific pee in the underpants.  However... a realization! Henry seems to have been routinely dehydrated, which explains why he didn't pee much yesterday.  He drank all that juice, didn't pee much, but today, had a much easier time with pooping than he has in.... months.  Oh my.  Feeling like a bad mother.  Although, I offer him drink a lot but the guy doesn't want them unless it's juice.  He'd rather drink nothing than have to suck back water during the day.  

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