Friday, December 08, 2006

A no-go for the cyst removal

John went to the lump and bump clinic yesterday only to be told by the surgeon that if the cyst was removed now there would a hole the size of a fist in John's back. The surgeon said he wouldn't do it until it shrunk more. So, John is still draining, in some pain, but will see the surgeon again on December 18 at which point a removal will be booked for sometime in January probably. The guy was rather surprised at the size of it. Even more surprised when John told him that it was a bigger a few days ago. It always makes you feel kind of good when you can surprise a veteran surgeon with the size of your cyst.

It is a lot smaller already compared the photo I posted. Still gooey but clearly that's a good thing if it is making the cyst smaller.

On happier notes, I took Emily and Hope to the Children's Museum this morning. Emily was totally in her element. Running from one thing to another non-stop. Hope tried to sleep. Later, Hope ate. Now, she's sleeping again.

Yesterday we looked at some of the video I shot over the last few months. I'm so glad I bought that video camera. It is amazing to see Emily only a few months ago and notice the changes in her language, walk, size etc. I'm so glad I got on camera her former version of "yes" - "ah do". I miss that.

Hope is stirring and probably hungry again. Time to go.

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