Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Too tired for much

I'm too tired to write much but here is what we're dealing with:

It was bigger than that two days ago. It is smaller today. Tomorrow morning at 9:00 it gets unceremoniously cut out by some guy at a "lump and bump" clinic. Thank God.

This thing, large enough at one point to have its own gravitational pull, has wreaked havoc in this house. Not only has it been excruciating for John, but it has reduced me to a single parent. John was, for a couple of days anyway, unable to stand due to the pain (I think it may have been pushing inward onto inner, crucial skeletal things), so I have, for the last 5 days, done all the cooking, cleaning (not so much of that has gone on, but dishes anyway), bathing of kids, putting to bed of kids, playing with kids, shopping, changing dressings on planet, etc. Plus about 3 breast feedings a night.

I'm completely baked. I have absolutely new sympathy for anyone who is taking care of kids alone. It is utterly exhausting. I luckily have not resorted to the t.v. as a surrogate parent. But, I can see why people reach that point.

Anyway, goodbye, dear planet. It sucked knowing you.

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Anonymous said...

OOOHHH! That is SO my area! Maybe I'll try to show up for your lumpy-bumpy clinic instead of mine tomorrow!!! Enjoy having it out, and remember, the plastic surgery resident is the one with the local anesthetic (c; -Erika