Friday, March 23, 2007

A bus adventure

John took the car this morning to work (a rare occurrence because parking at the university is downright extortion). When he told me his intentions a few days ago I decided that Emily, Hope and I would ride the bus somewhere today. I do realize that labeling a bus ride an "adventure" is bordering on the stomach-turning pretension of a car-dependent family, however, whenever we do something out of the ordinary, I tell Emily it is an adventure. She loves our adventures however menial and it works out great because I can easily turn buying milk into an adventure for her.

We had to ride two buses. I had Hope in the big honking MEC backpack. This meant I couldn't sit down and yet I had to wedge my knee against Emily to keep her from sliding off the bus seat and onto her face, um, again. Our destination was Licks, the aforementioned favourite hamburger joint. I also had to drag with me food for Hope because she has taken to solids like a fly to honey. Also, I needed some Pull-Ups for Emily because you never know when the poop will fly (and it did. I so want that birthday cake but I think it is a long time in coming.). Also, spoons, wet wipes, diaper change pad, etc, etc. The backpack was probably around 25 pounds when all was said and done.

My kids amazed me at lunch. I actually had an older man come over to our table and say: "You have two very well behaved children here." I'm not sure but I may have blinded the other patrons with my beaming. They really were great. Well, until Emily pooped in her pants ("just a little one, Mummy") and then got a bit high on the banana ice cream (a strategic mistake on my part). It was time to split that popsicle stand. A big bus trek home, both kids in bed (and actually sleeping!) and I'm feeling like activity leader extraordinaire and mum of the year today.

But, I am so glad that I didn't trek all the way to St. Laurent Mall with these guys on the bus, which was my original intention. Sometimes things do happen for a reason, and Hope's gargantuan nap of this morning that precipitated a change in plans was fortuitous in that I ended up with a great morning when I think I probably would have been playing out one of my worst ideas of all time. One thing I've learned (and am still clearly learning) about myself this year is that I need to pare down my ideas sometimes to a more manageable size when I have two kids in tow that get tired and hungry frequently, can't walk too far, and oh, sometimes (okay, often) poop their pants.


little b said...

That sounds like a great adventure. I long to (someday) get complimented on my child's behaviour. I beam now when people compliment me on my dog's, I'll probably want to hug them if they compliment me on my child.

sognatrice said...

What a fun day! And hooray for stranger compliments!

When my niece and nephew came to Philly to visit me, all they wanted to do was ride the bus and/or subway; actual sites were optional. An adventure is what you make of it, and you made it great :)