Friday, June 20, 2008

The Cleanse: Day 6

Yesterday was soooooo much better. It is amazing how much better I feel if I'm not hungry all the time. I can really feel The Cleanse improving my health and my overall feeling of well-being if I'm well-fed. I cut up a bunch of veggies, made baba ganouj and left it out all day so I had something always ready when I needed it. I also made gazpacho and a cold cauliflower salad so those were around and ready too. What a difference.

We're already starting to get in cottage-packing mode around here. Today I am on a search for some new roof racks and I've started a small pile in our room of odd things that have to go with us. We leave a week from Saturday for three weeks. It's a long stretch but I think it will be great. The girls will really appreciate fewer car trips, that's for sure.

With all this rain, I'm sure the garden will be a complete jungle when we get back.

That's all the drivel for now. Time for my mushroom breakfast.


Julie said...

Glad to hear you are over the hump.

Heather Lee said...

Week 2 Day 5 for me... Doing the Swiss Detox by Dr. Thomas Rau (same deal; eliminate the toxins, not meat, cow dairy or refined sugar for 21 days). Very excited to eat pasta tomorrow!! Loved the pear drizzled with maple syrup and topped with pecans... but agree that I can't wait to eat meat again.

Karen said...

I'm jealous, Heather, that you get to eat nuts and maple syrup. I don't have any nuts, seeds, sugars at all except fruit, and a bunch of other stuff. No pasta, only brown rice or lentils right to the end. But on day 11 I get to introduce chicken breast and fish. Woohoo!