Thursday, November 06, 2008

Back to her old ways

For some unknown reason the time change resulted in Hope sleeping later in the morning rather than getting up earlier, which was a huge blessing because she was routinely getting up at 5:30 every day. With the time change that changed to 7:00 for the last few days.

Until today.

Up at 6:00. I think she's figured it out and is getting back to her old ways.

Ugh. It was wonderful while it lasted. Now I'm back to bleary-eyed coffee making and spreading jam on the back of my hand.


Pam said...

The time change has wrecked havoc on our house. We were pleasantly sleeping until almost 7am then presto as of Sunday morn it was up before 6am. So far we continue to be greeted by Celia's 6:30 light show (her crib by necessity is placed right under the light switch and she likes to flick them on and off and call out momma ad nauseum).

little b said...

Was it any better this morning?

Karen said...

Actually it was - she got up at 7:00. Much more civilized.