Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick review of the week

I scrounged up an old and not very good card reader but it did the trick so now I have a few photos to share.

So, last we left my week with Beth, we'd finished a day at home playing in the snow.  On Tuesday morning, we all (Emily included - she took Tuesday and Wednesday off school) got onto the bus and went to Parliament.  Beth (shockingly, given how many times she's been to Ottawa now) had never been inside the hallowed halls so we went in.  We did not do the tour but we did go up the Peace Tower and look around the rotunda.  

After that, we went over to the Tea Store (a must-visit every time she is in town) for tea and treats and to load up on more loose-leaf.  

On Wednesday, dear Julie got us passes to the Museum of Civilization.  We took a (very) quick tour of the totems and Canada Hall before spending the rest of our time in the Children's Museum.  The kids loved it.  We then finished off with lunch in the cafeteria.  Good thing too. Our bus ride home was the longest on memory because of an error by us.  We stupidly decided to take the 8 all the way to Billing's Bridge instead of switching at Hurdman.  Clearly, we didn't know that the 8 past Hurdman becomes a milk run and no kidding it added an extra hour (a full hour!) to our trip home.  The kids handled it well.  Emily declared she had to "hold the poop in her bum" at one point.  But hey, who didn't?

Thursday was an at home day since Emily had a dentist appointment in the morning and chiro after school in the afternoon.  As an aside, the kid amazed me again at the dentist.  At one point I found myself wondering what I did to get such an amazing kid.  She was so excited to get into the chair.  She loved being shown all the instruments.  She got to choose a movie (she chose Dora) and then her attention was taken with that the entire rest of the time.  She didn't even mind the flouride treatment (I remember actually spitting it onto the floor when I was her age).  
My dad and Donna arrived that afternoon and stayed until Saturday.  On Friday, a P.D. day for Emily, we went out to Stony Swamp and attempted to feed the chickadees.  My dad had several land on his hand.  His luck was due to removing himself from the busy toddlers.  Those of us stuck with the under-5 set had no chickadees land on our hands but they came close.   That afternoon Beth and I went to the Chateau Laurier for tea.  We had to beg for a seat as they were all booked up or so we were told.  The hostess made us agree to be gone by 3:00.  We sat down at 2:15.  At 3:30 when we left, the place was still half empty.  Not sure if we were lied to or if there were lots of no-shows but the lesson was two-fold: (1) beg for mercy and you'll get some and (2) make reservations.

On Saturday morning, Emily had swimming and a big crowd watching her from the viewing gallery.  After that we all headed out to Mandarin Ogilvie for Dim Sum.  Awesome!  We ended that Valentine's Day with a nice meal and some chocolate fondue.  Yum.

On Sunday we went down to the canal so Beth could get a taste for Winterlude.  We didn't skate but the ice was pretty nasty anyway.  We pushed the strollers on the canal and ate Beavertails.  It was a totally gorgeous winter day.  A great way for Beth to end her visit.


Erika said...

Sounds like bazoodles of fun (except for the current sickness of course). Wish I could have been there.

Did you know Obama was here last week? Seems he should go to Austin next to finish off the family rotation (C:

Shan said...

Sounds like a great week. Love the pictures. I hope your cake turns out well.